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Usually with earbuds/headsets if one side starts to die out you can wiggle the wire for the last breath of existence by your device nope the right side of my earbuds just flat out died, okay then =/

August is almost over and I practically got nothing done =/

So for our awesome guests visiting from Europe, we made

microwaveable chicken nuggets!

*casually dies from lack of sleep*

Ayyy just out of curiosity and boredom, d’ya have favorite OCxOC shipping(s)?
(Be it between friends, people you look up to, or whatever situation?)





Here’s the original ending credits to “Equestria Girls” before it was switched out with “A Friend for Life”. Thanks to Mike Vogel and Daniel Ingram for getting the correctly synced version up!

oh the synced version is out now? =D

Why did they not use this? this was an infinite amount better

Oooooooh this is super nice. <3





people are using all the fancy linework layers in SAI to make perfect circles and im just like


Eh. Where’s the energy in that?

Subjective, but I like the energy and flow that a circle gives when not drawn 100% perfectly. It adds energy and motion.


Practise. If you can draw an almost perfect circle (or any other basic shape) without any help (that includes these god damn cheating stabilizers :P) you have basically achieved complete control of your lines. :)

I don’t really think stabilizers is cheating though. 

Like, I can get precise lines when drawing with pen or pencils. I have far more control over my lines through traditional means than by digital.

Stabilizers in my perspective are used more as a utility to help you adapt to a digital means to create art. Tablets obviously don’t have the same texture and resistance to them like paper does (no matter how natural they say it feels).

That and I find myself more often than not drawing my works on paper before hand, snapping it into my computer, and then doing my line work over it.

There’s plenty of ways to make jobs easier. If the tool is there, and it makes things more efficient, then why not use it? It seems kind of silly and pointless to me not to make my job easier just because of some ill prioritized threat against a more traditional medium or skill.

I used to do perfect circle techniques, but it really boils down to subjective preference whether you feel fine with it I guess.

For me it felt too mechanical and had none of my own personal flavor to it, it was too perfect and stood out from the rest of my work, and rarely is anything ever a perfect circle anyways. The slight roughness adds dynamics and additional curves, an adjustment for camera angle and imperfections, the differences in line width giving more life to what it is and to help it blend better with its surroundings such as adding depth.

I mean unless you’re making something abstract I guess uh

It’s fine to use the tools at your disposal however you want, just stay consistent.

A quick reminder that the above is my personal opinion and experience.

G’nighty everyoneee*falls off a cliff*eeee

8-13-14 Hoard Inkie Heart OC by inkie-heart-art
More practices wee

8-13-14 Hoard Inkie Heart OC by inkie-heart-art

More practices wee

I may have made the base 4-direction template - but two really awesome people (RadiantKitsune and Pix3M) are working and making 8-direction sprites, and even action animations for the RPG Maker MLP Sprite Collection !

I got a preview of what they got (the above clip is a small sample of them in action), more to come over time~

8-13-14 Practice Sketches